Don't let them get under your skin!

Oct 04 , 2021

Chiswick resident and organic skin product pioneer Asal Shirazi looks at the importance of checking out what goes into off the shelf skin products.

The skin provides:

Protection, water preservation, shock absorption, tactile sensation, calorie reservation, vitamin D synthesis, temperature control and lubrication and waterproofing.

One of the physical characteristics of skin is that it is porous. Dermal absorption has been long known and documented. 60% of what you put on your skin is absorbed under your skin and in to your blood stream. It sometimes takes as little as 26 seconds for a chemical to be absorbed in the skin.....a shocking realisation when you consider how many different ingredients each of our personal care products contain.

Many commonly used chemicals in the workplace, at home, in the garden and daily cosmetics* could potentially result in systemic toxicity if they penetrate through the skin (i.e. pesticides, organic solvents, cleaning products, makeup, skincare products) in large enough quantities and high frequency. These chemicals enter the blood stream and cause health problems away from the site of entry once absorbed and circulated around your body.

One such documented condition is scleroderma ****and the common contact dermatitis* including eczema. There has been much publicity on effect of such chemicals on fertility** too.

Of course, in this day and age we can not get away from using many of the products or being exposed but we can take precautions. One precaution is to make sure you minimise exposure but also to feed your largest organ with nutrients from the outside and inside. This ensures optimum health of your skin and your immune system to be able to fend more effectively.

So...don't let them get under your skin!

Some of the carcinogenic enhancing chemicals in cosmetics:

Coal Tar
Mineral oils (untreated and mildly treated)
Ethylene oxide
Heavy Metals
Cadmium and its compounds
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The list has increased considerably ***with progression of research and knowledge and continues to do.

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**** 2nd Dec 2016

Asal Shirazi lives in Chiswick nad has developed a range of beauty products for people with sensitive skin - visit  Asal Shirazi lives in Chiswick nad has developed a range of beauty products for people with sensitive skin.